M&E Hospitality Service

M&E Hospitality Service was established in 2017 in Georgia. Company represents the joint venture and comprises of two companies: MAKPA and Erenil. M&E Hospitality Service also is an official representative of well-known WMF in Georgia. Makpa completely provides services related to disposal of industrial kitchen, laundry house-keeping service, table-top equipment of the hotels, restaurants and fast food chains with design, manufacturing, supply, installation, and service facilities in Turkey and abroad since 1984.
Erenil is providing all necessary equipments
– Porcelain, flatware, glassware, also all equipment for open buffets and bars, items for service, all cooking and pastry tools, tableware and kitchenware necessary for hospitality sector.
Segment – 5 Stars Hotels/Holiday Resorts, Restaurants/Coffee Houses



We are committed to discovering and monitoring key food, colour and interior design trends to support our innovative new product development, helping us to thoroughly understand and meet the needs of our customers.